Sharon (sylverrain) wrote,


so the job I have is a factory job.
which isn't a problem..
it's the hours that pose a problem.

the hours make it impossible for me to
be home when alex gets home from school.
I would have to reply on my uncle to
pick her up after the after-school program,
feed her dinner, and put her to bed.

I wouldn't be getting home from work until around
3-4am monday-thursday, and occasionally on fridays.
so the problem i am facing is this..

do i really want alex to get home everyday and
basically be ignored.
my uncle doesn't talk to her.
doesn't play games with her.
all he does is watch disney channel with her.

this would be her life until at least
november. she's already going up to my mom's
house for the summer. she'll be leaving here at the end
of the month, and won't be getting back until the end
of july.

the idea that's floating around in my head is this:
do I just let her stay in New York until Christmas???
At which time I should be able to switch to dayshift and
if not- at least be able to find a decent job with better hours.

I just don't know if I can handle not having her around.
the longest I've ever gone without alex is one week.
i believe it was only 5 or 6 days and that was back when
i was really sick in the hospital with a staph infection.

what to do.. what to do..

any ideas?
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