Sharon (sylverrain) wrote,

Good Deed :o)

Yesterday we had a major thunderstorm in the area.
While driving home in it I saw a dog on I-75, which most
of you know is a VERY big highway.

I just couldn't leave him walking on the side of the road
in the rain so we stopped. I tried to lure him with pizza *lol*
which really didn't work but we managed to grab him and get him in the car.
He had no collar on and he looked abused.

His skin was showing in places and looked red and raw.
It looked like he had all these sores on him from neglect.
And he had a large piece of skin dangling from him.

We were so upset that someone would do such a thing.
We tried called vets in the area but it was afterhours.
We decided to take him back to our vet and drove there.
Unfortunately no one was there and they didn't answer their
after hours number. So we took the dog back home with us.
He smelled really bad, and no knowing what kind of condition
he was in, we didn't want him in the house.

So we walked him around the yard with a make shift leash and kept
trying to call different vets. We finally found one that would
let us bring him in to get checked out.

*Side note: We could've dropped him off at the animal shelter, but
we really didn't want him to possibly be put down*

So anyhow- we drive to the vet and tell her how we thought he was abused.
She then looks him over and tells us that he's actually just really
old. The piece of skin is just a benign skin tag. She did a blood test
on him to see if he had heartworms and he didn't. He also had no fleas.
So she said he was more than likely taken care of.
He had a skin problem which comes with old age, and the limp
I noticed was also due to old age.
So we felt better at that point.
We told them to keep him over night, and clean him up real good, and in the morning we'd come and get him and place ads in the papers.

Here's where the story gets interesting :o)

The Owner of the dog showed up at Her vet to let them know her
dog got away during the thunderstorm.
The other vet who wasn't on call last night replied to her, "Buddy is in the back. Some nice people brought him in last night."

So out of the 11 or so different vets we called, we just happened to take
the dog, Buddy, to the one he always goes to. :o)

So dog and owner are reunited :)

moral of the story is- stop and take the time to help out our animal friends :o) it'll make you smile in the end :)
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