Sharon (sylverrain) wrote,

Getting into shape..

ok, so I realize that for some of you reading this the following list of exercises may seem easy..

For the rest of us Couch Potatoes, let me assure you that I am in pain *lol*

In order to start off with a rank of E-3 I have to be able to meet the BCT Graduation standard.

Before you are able to graduate basic training you have to pass the PT test. Well, in order for me to make rank I have to pass the PT test BEFORE going to basic training...

Sounds like fun right :) *lol*

sit ups- I need to complete 43 sit-ups in less than 2 minutes. This one won't be too hard, I'm constantly working on it.

running- I need to complete a 2 mile run in less than 20 minutes 36 seconds.. again- this shouldn't be too difficult, although I am terrible at running.

push-ups (no girly push-ups allowed.) I need to do 11 in less than two minutes.
Ok. When I write that, it seems like such a small and trivial little number..

Tell that to my poor little arms!! :)

I think I can... I think I can.. I think I can...
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